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Our secret?
Light Deprivation

A key component of our growing technique is not just knowing that natural sunlight produces better quality cannabis, it is also knowing when to “turn out” the sun using a technique we call Light Deprivation. The sun produces an array of wavelengths that improve the richness and terpenes of all cannabis strains. These wavelengths, known as full-spectrum, can never be duplicated using manufactured lighting systems. We also know that too much of a good thing can reduce quality. The right light at the right time — that’s our secret.

The Best
Organic Inputs

At CannaSol Farms we use 100% organic OMRI listed inputs throughout the entire lifecycle of the plant. Inputs that can leave a residue, such as the commonly used neem oil and sulfurs, are never sprayed during the flowering period.

Our organic soil is inoculated with mychorrizeah and fed only organic nutrients from the time we plant until we harvest. Our nursery is fed from custom-blended, sustainably sourced soils.

Better with

We have learned that plants actually "make decisions" about how to grow based on the spectrum of light they receive. Plants have light sensors, or photoreceptors, which act like the plant’s “nose” to detect information about the light spectrum. Similar to humans using their sense of smell to find good food, the plant uses the natural light spectrum to produce the full terpene and cannabinoid potential.

A cannabis plant growing outdoors under the sun learns a lot about what’s happening around them. Contrary to popular marketing schemes promoted by lighting companies, there is no such thing as 'Full Spectrum Indoor Lighting.' Artificial lights DO NOT replicate the full spectrum of natural sunlight.

What is
Craft Cured?

CannaSol Farms proudly slow cures our flower for a taste and experience rarely achieved by other cannabis growers. You can cure your harvest quickly, or you can cure for quality — and quality takes time. Lightly or quickly-cured bud can be too green and raw, resulting in a smoke that is hot and harsh and terpenes that lack depth. We call this “Loud Weed” — cannabis with bright white pre-mature trichomes that is promoted as “fresh.” It does little to develop the sophisticated palate of the cannabis connoisseur who appreciates the complex subtleties of this amazing plant.

Each strain requires its own curing timeline to achieve a more complex and refined terpene profile similar to fine tobacco, wine and whiskey. We hang the best colas of the harvest to dry in climate-controlled conditions, allowing the chlorophyll to gently break down. After the initial drying process, the flower is placed in low-oxygen bags and allowed to long cure. The smoke is dramatically smoother and the terpenes become fully expressed, enhancing the cannabinoid profile. We only deliver to the retailer when the product is at its prime.

Our Principles

Better for You | Better for the Environment

Certified Clean and Sustainable

CannaSol Farms is certified by Dr. Bronners Sun and Earth Certification. From the same people that brought you concious soaps is a certification program that is truely beyond organic. Sun and Earth sets a high bar for certification that includes regenerative practices, reducing waste, sourcing sustainably produced organic nutrients and even addresses employee welfare and community involvment.

Besides growing organically and in living soils, we are also sustainable. We launched our 'Orca Safe' campaign to bring awareness to the environmental impacts of indoor grown cannabis. Although Washington is blessed with hydropower, it is not without its consequences. Orca Safe cannabis is cannabis that does not use electricity from Snake and Columbia River dams that are impacting Chinook samlon that the Orca whales depend on. 

From Clone to Cure

Sustainably Farmed

From clone to cure, CannaSol Farms uses the sun and science to harness sunlight effectively. CannaSol Farms does not rely on "Part A-Part B" formulas and prescribed systems to grow cannabis in environmentally controlled conditions that use toxic ingredients and increase the carbon footprint. We tune into the needs of the individual strains to grow in all-natural, full-spectrum sunlight, free of harmful pesticides. Our varieties have been custom crafted to produce rich terpene profiles. We do not manufacture cannabis. We farm. CannaSol Farms. Experience the difference.

Quality Takes Time

Long-Flowering Sativas

We do not rush our signature sativa strains, which require more than the standard 8 weeks to flower under full-spectrum sunlight. It's true what they say — Good things come to those who wait.

"Panel studies show that the same cannabis strains grown under the full spectrum of the sun have richer cannabinoid and terpene profiles that indoor." -Dr. J. Cachat, SC Labs

Lean Philosophy

Creating Value Not Waste

Managing a tier-three operation in an emerging industry can create a lot of waste, both in time and resources. Our Director of Operations Enric Cordoba has introduced us to Lean Manufacturing, a systematic method for waste minimization and resource maximization. To become a lean farm, everything has to be intentionally organized so that each station serves a purpose.

Light Deprivation Cannabis Farm

Sun. Soil. Sustainability.

“We are the founding pioneers of Sun Grown Sustainable Cannabis. We harness science and nature by using Solar Light Deprivation, hand crafted organic soils, and no harmful pesticides to bring you the finest, cleanest, tastiest and most incredible cannabis on the market.

With CannaSol, you can have both the high-quality herb you want with the peace of mind knowing you are making the right choice for the health of the world.”

Jeremy Moberg, Owner & CEO
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